Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Permit me to let my heart speak.

People around me are asking who's the next lucky girl and current leading lady on my own fairy tale. Well, that sounded sarcastic. I hate myself for loving the same person ever since. I hate myself for not letting my heart love another. I hate myself for being in love with the person who took me for granted.

I can't understand why I keep seeing the same girl no matter where I look. As if all the girls around me looked like her. I love her. I hate her. But, she will always be the one that I love more than anything - more than myself. I just can't let her pull me out of His kingdom, nonetheless, she will always be my world.

I am not a fool to find love in a different entity. My heart beats her name, so my decisions will follow.
I still love her, I mean it. Only death would hinder me. I am not looking for a new princess, I'm waiting for a renewed princess. Otherwise, my heart will remain cold until the final day arrives - her wedding.

I still love you no matter what.